Renjie Bao [read more]

Hello! Welcome to my webpage.

I am an Econ Ph.D. student at Princeton.


Interests    IO, Spatial, Macroeconomics

CV    click for a pdf (09/2023)

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Working Papers

Killer Innovation: The Macroeconomic Implications of Strategic Investment that Affects Market Structure

with Jan Eeckhout

Manuscript (03/2023) [❗ currently under major revision]

Are Managers Paid for Market Power?

with Jan De Loecker and Jan Eeckhout 

Manuscript (03/2023), NBER WP (04/2022), VoxEU article, Slides

Work in Progress

Bottom-up IV: A Conduct-proof Partial Equilibrium Estimator of Nested CES Preferences

with Mayara Felix


Can Specialization be Optimal when Tasks are Complementary?

with Sanxi Li and Jun Yu, Games and Economic Behavior, 2020 

Manuscript, Link to Publication

In Chinese

Big Data, Personal Information Protection, and Price Discrimination / 大数据个人信息保护和价格歧视

with Sanxi Li and Yufan Wu, Economic Research Journal, 2021 / 与李三希和武玙璠, <经济研究>, 2021

Summary (English), Manuscript (Chinese), Link to Publication

Sorting Menus, Product Quality, and Platform Ecosystems / 组合排序规则、产品质量与平台生态

with Xiaolu Liu, Economic Research Journal, 2020 / 与刘小鲁, <经济研究>, 2020

Summary (English), Manuscript (Chinese), Link to Publication